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Mido Lotto is an accessible, trusted app that makes it easy to safely play the Lottery. Mido Lotto works with official state-licensed Lottery retailers, acting as a digital courier to bring official state Lottery draw-games to your smartphone.

No. Mido Lotto is not an online gaming company. Mido Lotto offers a unique digital “courier service” for the ordering and management of Lottery tickets. Any order placed by a customer is fulfilled from a retailer licensed by the State Lottery. For more information on responsible use, you can find resources nearest you at the National Council on Problem Gaming

Mido Lotto allows users to securely order Powerball, Mega Millions, and State draw-game tickets safely from their smartphones, as long as the player is in the states that Mido Lotto operates.

Yes. Mido Lotto is not affiliated with, nor endorsed by any state Lottery, and makes no claim of ownership regarding any intellectual property of any State Lottery, however, any order placed by a customer is fulfilled by a retailer licensed by the State Lottery. We ensure strict adherence to Lottery regulations for anyone wishing to order a ticket. Mido Lotto’s rigorous compliance protocols include:

A. Serving as a digital courier for the ordering of Lottery tickets from licensed State Lottery retailers

B. Accurately geofencing to ensure the person ordering the ticket(s) is physically located within the State

C. Requiring independent age-verification to ensure players are legally eligible to play

D. Daily, weekly and monthly ordering limits to ensure safe and responsible gaming and player safety

Yes. We act as an intermediary and technology partner to bring official state Lottery games to players’ smartphones. Your Lottery tickets are digitally tied to your identity and the physical ticket is kept in a secure location. Duplicate tracking of all orders both in the app and via email means no one can claim your ticket but you, and you can’t lose it!

Mido Lotto utilizes a simple and secure process:

1. Players load funds into their Mido Lotto account and order tickets through the app

2. Mido Lotto fulfills player orders for physical tickets through official state-licensed Lottery retailers

3. Mido Lotto notifies players when it is time to check their tickets.

4. Winning tickets up to $600 are deposited directly into Mido Lotto player accounts. For any win greater than $600, physical winning tickets are delivered safely and securely to the corresponding player, so they can claim at a State Lottery claim center.

Only the states Mido Lotto is operating in. Precise geofencing technologies ensure compliance with State Lottery regulations, which require that the player must be physically located within the same state as the authorized Lottery retailer from which the purchase is made. Mido Lotto is continually expanding into additional states. Mido Lotto currently operates in AZ, CA, CT, DE, MA, MT, OR, OH, and TX.

Mido Lotto accounts can be funded securely using PayPal Express Checkout and instant ACH bank transfer. If using PayPal Express checkout, ensure you have preloaded funds or a bank connected to your PayPal account.

Yes! Mido Lotto is meant to be shared. Gifting features in the app allow certified players to send and receive Lottery tickets digitally with friends right within the app.

Yes! Mido Lotto has digitized the office pool experience – allowing players to create teams, automatically manage allocations and distribute winnings. Players can interact through the apps group chat feature.

Mido Lotto is committed to a safe and responsible Lottery experience. Our app includes a Tools to Play Responsibly section, which provides the following gaming controls to protect players and encourage responsible use:

● Spending Limits can be increased or lowered within the app. Once set, the limit may not be edited for seven days.

● Self-Exclusion allows players to suspend ticket ordering permanently or for a designated period of time.

● Gambling Help is accessible via the app for anyone with concerns or questions.

● Our app enforces daily, weekly, and monthly ordering limits to ensure safe and responsible gaming and player safety.

For more information on responsible use, you can find resources nearest you at the National Council on Problem Gaming

Winning tickets up to $600 are deposited directly into your Mido Lotto account, which players can then cash out to their bank accounts or play them again. For larger winning tickets more than $600, Mido Lotto keeps official Lottery tickets secure and delivers them safely and securely to each corresponding player. Mido Lotto will either have the tickets delivered to you through a third party or will meet at a confirmed location.

No. Your winnings are your own. Mido Lotto does not take any cut from Lottery wins.

Mido Lotto charges a small convenience fee at the time of order. This fee allows us to provide the convenience of managing your ticket on your phone, to keep the system running and improve the player experience. We never take a portion of your winnings.

Mido Lotto makes ordering Lottery tickets fast and easy using your phone. No standing in line at the corner store necessary. No need to get cash. Mido Lotto’s notification center makes sure players never lose a ticket or miss a draw.

Mido Lotto complements existing State Lottery sales channels and incrementally increases Lottery revenues by engaging new individuals who may not be frequent Lottery players or those who might be more inclined to participate with the convenience of playing from your phone.