Mido Lotto App: a 21st-Century Lottery Solution

Lotteries are trapped in a 20th-century dynamic. For most Lotteries, sales remain a cash-based business in a physical retail environment that has not changed in 30+ years. For most consumers, this is an outdated model, even without varied physical distancing guidelines across the country. Traditional Lottery purchasing isn’t designed for social distancing at all, and Lotteries globally are facing significant challenges in keeping consumers engaged and being able to sustain returns to their respective beneficiaries. To buy a ticket, you have to get cash, physically go to a retail location, exchange cash for paper goods and then go back to the store to claim your winnings. The process is the very antithesis of how we all approach commerce and life in general today.

A simple safe and secure way to address this challenge is to offer a way for players to still have the ability to order and manage their tickets directly from their mobile device. At Lottery Now, we believe all consumers should be able to get a Lottery Draw Game ticket conveniently on their phone just as they do for every other consumer category imaginable.

The Mido Lotto app offers a simple, safe and secure platform that enables players to order lottery tickets directly on their mobile phone. No need to go to the store or get cash from the ATM and no risk of losing your ticket or having to make a second trip to the store to claim your winnings. Think Instacart…but for Lottery tickets.